O Scale LED Passenger Car Lighting

This page includes information on various LED passenger lighting options, tail-end lighting, and vestibule lighting.  Options also for D-I-Y parts.  If you require something beyond what is shown, contact me.  The LED Passenger Car Lighting Board is fully equipped and ready for installation in your car.  Operates on AC or DC track voltage.  Works with O Scale cars too!  All kits tested with conventional, DCC, DCS, and Lionel TMCC/Legacy!

These boards are 15.625″ long.  Each include 9 LEDs, ability to shorten to 10.125″ or 5.5″, and/or to support tail-end applications for markers, drumhead, etc.!  Notice for RailKing and non-scale length cars, there will be extra work if you choose this length board and you may want to go with the DIY Strip Lighting Supply and LEDs.

We support Golden Gate Depot, 3rd Rail, Lionel, Weaver, Williams and other manufacturers of O Scale.  Full instructions with each kit provides details on implementations.  Go to Contacts page to send any inquiries on your applications.  Some full scale cars (84′) may be custom order.  We can do the work, or supply the components for you to do!

We have sold over 1000 of these kits and will likely be phasing out some of the kits by the end of 2023.

Features of passenger kit include:

  • 9 Warm white LEDs, wide angle, high brightness
    • Continuously adjustable LED brightness from off to full using a small screwdriver, pre-adjusted to typical lighting levels
  • Typical full brightness is reached with less than 9 Volts AC or DC to track- Great for conventional operation
  • 2-Rail Scale operation with DCC voltages
  • Flicker free LED Lighting during dropouts due to track gaps or switches (on board capacitors 2X larger than leading competitor)
  • Plug & Play for MTH Premier coach cars w/MTH connector
    • With the Premier cars you may reuse the pre-existing double-ended plug by purchasing the “All-other” option.
    • MTH Premier version to be phased out during 2022
  • Most passenger car kits come with two 6″ wires and connector to the board
  • Attaches to underside of roof with double sided foam tape (supplied)
  • Provides vestibule lighting for 18″ cars, may be added for longer cars
  • Fits any passenger car with an interior length of at least 15 5/8″
  • For shorter cars, the board may be decreased in length to 10 1/8” or 5.5″
  • What to do with the cutoffs?  Just add a strip supply and put in another car!
  • Easily supports 80′ cars (20″) and can be expanded to support longer or associated vestibules
  • 84′ scale cars supported with minor mods
  • Typically uses 15-30ma at common brightness settings per car (Ten LED equipped passenger cars require less than 1/2 amp), examples of brightness and the current draw are shown below 
  • Works with DCC, DCS, TMCC, and conventional voltage levels
  • For tail-end cars (observation, platform, parlor etc.) order from Tail-end listing (Heavyweight or Streamlined)
  • Separate lighting available for Bi-level, Vista Domes, RPOs and combines (and others) – email me with your needs for more information
  • Special order for G Gauge and S Gauge passenger cars.  Email for more information: RoyzTrains@gmail.com
  • Quantity discounts available on 20 or more of the same board.  Contact me direct with the quantity you are needing and I can invoice you direct with the discount included.


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