Strip LED Power Supply (D-I-Y) & LEDs


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Strip Lighting Supply

This power supply is identical to that used in the passenger kits. It is intended for DIY applications using the widely available 12 VDC strip lighting. The supply supports full range from off to full brightness based on user control using a on-board potentiometer.  Also provides flicker free operation above 8.5 VAC track voltage at typical brightness.  Ideal for conventional, TMCC or DCS applications.  This provides realistic lighting for conventional and command control applications.  New version comes with double-sided tape and removable plug for ease in installation!

Segments may be bought singularly or in 5 meter roll (100 segments).  Each segment is approximately 2″ long and has solder points at both ends.

Full instructions show solder points for power, lighting and single LED operation with on-board resistor.  This supply can easily support 12+ 2″ segments.  Additional segments may require the addition of a heat sink sold elsewhere on this site.


Directly supports the strip LED lighting sold in 3 LED segments or a full roll.  Great for those who want to create their own lighting or custom LED lighting.  Bobber Cabooses would use one supply and one 3-LED segment.  The strip lighting is available as an option.  Full instructions support input/output connections and vestibule support.  Maximum number of segments driven is 12.  For longer strips use the heavier duty variable supply.

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Strip Power Supply, Individual Segments, 5 meter roll of segment LEDs, Heat Sink

1 review for Strip LED Power Supply (D-I-Y) & LEDs

  1. John Lindberg (verified owner)

    This little Strip Lighting Supply has solved a problem I’ve had since childhood. “How do you make your model train look like the real thing?” I came across a Royz Trains ad in an OGR magazine a year or two ago and went to the web page out of curiosity.
    Finally getting up the courage to order 5 supplies, it still took me months to apply what I had learned into action. The bottom line is that most people can do these projects and now Royz Trains has made it accessible to everyone. The directions that came with the supplies were straight forward. Follow Roy’s steps and and you’re successful.

    I would have never taken this on without Roy’s guidance. There has been a train under the tree since my first Christmas and, with some luck, I’ll be there for my 74th this year.

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