O Gauge LED Passenger Lighting for Streamline Observation Cars


O Gauge Streamline Observation Car LED Lighting

These kits may be used in conventional, command controlled, and 2-rail scale operation.  These provide full interior length lighting plus marker LEDs & top rear LED.  Optional drumhead warm white LED is also available.  In addition the top rear light may be made to oscillate in brightness like the real world Zephyr.  Brightness level is user adjustable for the passenger area.  The MTH Premier version is plug compatible for easy installation.

A sample of the oscillating brightness may be seen here.  Go to bottom of the page for video!


Realistic interior lighting with adjustable brightness warm white LEDs.  LEDs also available to add light to existing markers, rear top light, and drumhead based on option chosen.

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MTH Premier Car w/plug, MTH Premier w/drumhead & plug, MTH Premier w/drumhead, plug &oscillating top rear light, All Other Streamline Obs w/6” leads, All Other Streamline Obs w/drumhead and leads, All Other Streamline Obs w/drumhead, leads, & oscillating top light


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