Custom Work

Custom upgrades focus on Brass Engines of all manufacturers. With our backlog, we are not currently accepting additional work.

Custom work and installations offered on all items. We offer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products/support and custom work to provide a full range of LED, ERR upgrade, controllers, and other items useful to improve your rolling stock and railroad empire. We also understand some folks may need a little help on the more difficult installations and upgrades (engine or car).

Installations offered on all rolling stock items. There are a lot of variations in passenger cars, even within some manufacturers. We have seen many and can provide help in any LED lighting installation. The tail-end passenger cars often create additional challenges and we can offer the full range of lighting including special flashing/oscillating/EOT/etc. rear lighting and electronics.

The most extravagant passenger car installation had special exterior markers lights and individual compartment lighting. In addition, the compartment lights may turn on/off randomly while the train is in motion. The fancier your request typically the higher the cost. We like challenges.

Upgrades for all engines are discussed under the Upgrades heading. The rear lights on streamline passenger cars may be upgraded with steady red or warm white LEDs. Some railroads used an oscillating light like the Zephyr as shown here at bottom of page. The kits for DIY work are also available primarily under the streamline passenger kits.

Most of our controllers came from customer requests for a specific ability. Have an unusual or different application? Drop an email ( with what you want to do. Our selection of controllers have abilities beyond that in the available documentation. If you are interested in larger quantities, a custom design may be your answer.

Sample Photos

Four examples of work we have done are shown above. The GGD heavyweight had interior and vestibule LED lighting along with rear facing red LEDs. The GGD streamline observation has special interior lighting, figures, rear LED, drumhead LED, and marker LEDs added. The Hiawatha is a Lionel car with custom lighting for rear top light, markers, and interior. The Diesel was improved with a new, warm white, focused LED headlight, backup light. The direction markers now change color red/green with direction along with upgraded ERR electronics. The Hudson is Lionel 1990 version that has new electronics throughout (ERR w/sound), traction tires added, LED headlight/backup light, and a smoke blower added (with chuff). I like a challenge, let me know what you are considering, send me an email.