Rear Marker Lights


Rear marker lights may be ordered for custom implementation in steam tenders or passenger cars. Kits are offered for just add-on of the rear or side markers with supply, or as complete car lighting kits.  These kits are sold to add markers to existing heavyweight and streamline cars that came without exterior lights to face the rear.  The rear facing Red LEDs are 2mm in diameter and require a 5/64″ hole to be drilled in the rear of the passenger car or tender. The side mounted Tomar Marker lights require drilling in the side of the car, typically a heavyweight passenger car. The passenger kit lights the interior of the car with an internal dimension of at lease 15 5/8″ length.

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These kits are for the more advanced DIY implementaion.  They are not plug and play.  Soldering, some drilling, and placement planning will be required.  The rear end red LEDs are ideal when adding to heavyweight or streamline cars.  The user determines the location.  Instructions provide some background information necessary to support ease of implementation.

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Heavyweight Marker Lights

Rear facing red LEDs kit, Rear Facing Red LEDs – MTH Premier, Rear Facing Red LEDs – All Others, Tomar side-mounted Marker Lights Kit, Tomar side-mounted Marker Lights Add-On


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