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Most baggage cars had some form of lighting so the workers could find things.  This kit uses track power and reaches full brightness around 8.5 volts track voltage.


Baggage compartment door areas (two) each have a set of LED lights.  Brightness is user defined and flicker free.  MTH Premier version has plug.  Please indicate if Lionel scale version in the notes with your order as the distance between the doors is greater.

There are three basic options. The first two use the standard passenger LED lighting kit and may be ordered here or as a coach car. These are further defined as with MTH Premier Plug or with 6″ tails. This kit is 15 5/8″ long.

If you have a shorter baggage car or want to save some $$, then you want the third option which comes with a supply, two 2″ segments and 6″ power tails. This later version is cheaper, fully lights the two baggage areas, and requires soldering to assemble and install. If you are ordering the  Strip LED Power Supply (D-I-Y) & LEDs segment roll, you can do all this yourself!


Kit includes the LED lights, power supply, and feed wires/connector the track connections.  This kit is connected to the existing plug or wires from the car trucks.

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Standard Passenger Kit w/MTH Plug, Standard Passenger Kit w/6" tails, Power Supply and two segments – DIY

1 review for Baggage Car LED Lighting Kit

  1. Steve Mangrove

    Bought the full length kit! Glad I did. It cost a little more but installation was easy. Note this is the same kit as the regular passenger car. Noticed the description on the site said that but didn’t read it until later. Would definitely recommend for others!

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