Ordering and Sales Information


All boards/kits are fully checked out prior to shipment.  If your board(s) do not work on installation, the first course of action is to review the directions (this fixes 80% of problems).  Next contact me by email and I will try to work you through any challenges (this can fix the most of the remainder).  If need be I will request you return the board(s) and I will either repair and return or replace and return the item to you.  To date I have only had to do the last twice with several hundred boards in the field (less than 1%).  Period of warranty is 90 days after shipment.

Upgrades, Special Installations, and Repairs have a 90 day warranty.  If you have a problem, contact me ASAP and I will try to work to find a solution.  If need be, you may have to return the item for correction.  If returned, there is no charge to correct a problem resulting from my work.  So far (five year period), I have only had two items returned.  On these items, I will pay for the return to you.  If a new problem arises beyond what I worked on, there may be additinal charges and shipping.


We ship most orders via First Class.  With the exception of really large orders, the total weight is less than 13 oz, the maximum for a First Class item.  All orders with a total merchandise value of $75 or more ship free to the lower 48.  This applies to the standard products (not upgrades/repairs/installs). If you live outside the continental US we will advise on ship costs, if any, prior to accepting your order.  Shipments generally go out the next weekday.  Custom work can take a bit longer! Our local USPOs are not open on Saturday so we have to wait until Monday for a Friday order.  If there is any problem with the shipment we will email you with the status.  Shipping times can vary from 2 – 8 business days via USPS depending on the package destination (please don’t expect us to hurry the USPS!).  If you need an item faster, we can ship overnight at your expense.   Foreign orders are accepted, but will likely require additional time and expense to process; your total cost will be provided prior to accepting your order.  All orders are shipped from Grawn, MI 49637.

On occasion, I get a large order including special purchases of wire, heavy duty supplies, etc.  These will require additional shipping.


We have a booth in the Orange Hall Row DD at the TCA York Show in October and April.  We are partly retired and do travel to see the USA.  If we receive your order while traveling, we will advise on what stock we have with us (usually most) and what will be shipped when we get home.


The easiest method of payment is via PayPal.  Both parties gain protection through this service.  In addition, it is much easier for us when we receive an order form to add any discounts you may qualify for and then bill the lower value via PayPal.  We also accept personal checks, money orders, and credit cards to our address.  Do Not send credit card information through email!!

Payment for Repairs

 Due upon billing.  After 30 days payment delinquency, the repaired item may be sold to recoup expenses.