Passenger “Observation” LED Lighting for Heavyweight Cars


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O Scale Heavyweight Platform Car Lighting

These are built upon our regular O Scale passenger car kits, but specifically support the markers, drumhead and/or platform lighting.  Properly called platform, parlor, or business cars these cars are often incorrectly called observation cars (the marketeers are obviously not train people).  This kit builds on our standard 15.6″ passenger kit.  The kit provides full interior length lighting plus may add platform LED (MTH – Yes, others if space is available) and supply for both marker bulbs/LEDs and drumhead bulb (as selected). Brightness level is user adjustable. On board regulation ensures flicker free operation.  MTH Premier version is plug compatible for easy installation.  Additional plug provided to connect existing marker lights or adding Tomar scale markers.  Some non-MTH tail-end cars may support (or be adapted to support) platform lighting.  Our current version of the kits provides lighting for the forward vestibule on 72′ scale cars.  Both 80′ and 84′ cars are supported but an added vestibule light is required (order separately on this site or contact us with your application).  Feel free to contact us if you are not sure of your application or if you have a custom application.

Because of the number of potential configurations, these kits are made to order.  We will advise on time to ship (usually one additional day) when your order is received.  Typically all items necessary are stocked.  The image shown is the original version with a separate board.  This kit is now all on one board with connectors for markers and drumhead with detailed instructions.


Please note each of the kits support a particular application for the tail end cars.  If you need help with your selection, please contact me.  If you order the wrong kit for your application, either it will not work as expected or you may burn out existing bulbs or LEDs in your coach.

Additional marker lights are available using the Tomar O Scale lights offered on this site.  To ensure you receive the correct kit, please include contact me separately!  The “Note” portion of your order does not come through into PayPal (whether you pay with CC or a PayPal account).

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MTH Premier Cars w/plug, MTH Premier Cars w/drumhead and plug, All other Heavyweight cars w/6” power leads, All Other Heavyweight cars w/drumhead & 6” leads, Add Tomar scale markers for Heavyweight


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