Alex MacDonald:  “I am impressed with your prompt service, expansive knowledge and attention to detail.”

Marc Homstad: “Thanks so much for the update on my NP Northern.  I really appreciate the thorough report of your initial assessment of the engine.”

David Minar: “Received engine this morning. A thousand thanks for your professionalism.”

Vernon Barry: “I am very happy so far and definitely considering modifying other locos with this and also impressed with the sound quality of the sound board.  Also wanted to say top notch quality on the wiring and capacitors included in the kits. Your LEDs are also amazing and the perfect color temp.”

Forrest Jerome

Roy has converted four passenger trains to LED for me. The first three were each 11 to 13 cars long from different manufacturers. Roy selected the correct light temperature for each car and added marker and signal lights to the observation cars as appropriate. The most recent set of 8 cars was a particular challenge as they required a complete rewiring. They are spectacular. Roy is great to work with and always contributes terrific ideas.

Glenn Morrell:

When I began my ambitious dream layout, my focus was on track, trains and fun.  Eventually I built a fairly good sized layout.  I forgot about one very important thing – the control panel.  When I realized the space needed for almost 50 switch controls, that many uncoupler track controls, and almost twice as many track blocks in the space that I allocated, I knew that my control panel was going to be problematic.

I noted an ad in O Gauge Railroading for Royz Trains.  I corresponded with Roy, learned what he had to offer, and placed a sample order.  Since then I have corresponded with Roy dozens of times and placed 3 much more significant orders.  I have one final order in the works.  Not only does his product elegantly fit into the space allocated for the control panel, but Roy also designed a terrific custom Atlas switch machine control with continuously lit LEDs.

Roy has been very helpful in his correspondence.  Despite being many states apart, I feel that when I am getting advice from Roy, it is the same as speaking to a very knowledgeable local hobby store associate.  Which is good, as there will be more questions coming!