Vestibule LED Add-on to Passenger Car Kit


This options allow you to add a warm white LED for each vestibule. Streamline cars typically have only one vestibule. Not recommended for full length vista dome, baggage, or RPO. Two may be added for most Heavyweight cars except the tail-end (aka Observation) and none for baggage and RPO. The kit provides the parts for a D-I-Y installation.

The accompanying photos show installation in heavyweight cars but the effect is the same for the streamlined cars. Note that these kits are not needed on 72′ scale cars (18″ cars) as the standard kit is long enough to light vestibules for most applications.


These are not independent kits and should be ordered with your passenger car kits.

The kit requires the installer to do the solder for the LED, resistor and attachment to the standard passenger car kit.

Warm white LEDs are used which are identical to the those on the basic passenger car kit.

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Warm White Vestibule LED, Vestibule LED Kit


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