The standard passenger LED kit is used to keep costs low. By positioning the standard kit over the vestibule, all three areas (vestibule, room, and baggage) are fully lit! The kit will support applications of all manufacturers with interior length of 15 5/8″ up to 21″.

Kit provides LED Lighting in passenger/mail service areas plus additional LEDs above baggage/service door area. Brightness user defined. Flicker free.  The kit is designed to fully illuminate the passenger and RPO (or baggage) area of a car. For MTH applications you will reuse the existing double-ended plug per the instructions.

In some applications, you may want to illuminate only the passenger area and leave the RPO/Baggage area dim. This can be accommodated but shortening the board using the instructions.

If you are looking for different levels of lighting in the baggage area, for example, then drop us a line or build your own with separate strip lighting supply, segments, and resistors to control different area lighting.