Tomar Marker Lamps


The Tomar Marker Lamps come two to the package with the ability to light directly from track voltage using a low cost supply, or one of the Royz Trains Caboose or Passenger car kits.  These are available with bulbs or LEDs as an option.   The Marker Lamps work with our caboose and passenger lighting kits with adequate electronics. Not sure? Drop us a line to discuss your application –

These markers can be used on caboose, heavyweight platform car (aka observation), or any car you where you want to add side markers.

The Royz Trains Supply provides a constant DC supply for wiring two Tomar Marker light bulbs in series. Note you are welcome to wire the markers in parallel so I can sell you another pair of markers (if you aren’t sure why this is funny, please read the directions). The LED markers require 3 volts and low current and the LED Marker supply provides for driving these in series. These are two different supplies!


Royz Trains electronics to support constant brightness may be purchased separately under power supplies, as a kit under caboose lighting, or as an option under the drop down menu.  Best approach is to purchase the markers with the supporting supply!

Additional information


Marker Lamps (bulb) R-G-G – O-807, Marker Lamps (LED) R-G-G – O-807L, 3 VDC Supply -Bulb, 3 VDC Supply – LED, Tomar Markers (bulb) w/Supply, Tomar Markers (LED) w/Supply


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