3rd Rail & ERR Sunset Models Dealer

Royz Trains is a dealer for the 3rd Rail line & ERR products. We carry the various support items for DIY upgrades of your engines, etc. We also provide warranty work, repair and upgrades on brass 2 and 3 rail products.  Contact us with your interests or ordering preferences.  I accept reserves for new items!

Why order from me?

I will pre-check any items bought and perform warranty work if necessary prior to initial delivery. I can deliver at York show. If you want any special upgrades, these can be performed prior to delivery.  These include specialty lighting in engines and GGD cars.

Electronic Components & Support Items All Current Production ERR items are in stock!
Support Items: Smoke Blower units, Cherry Board, LED headlights, Tethers and Couplers!

Sunset Dealer for the full line of ERR products as well as supporting electronics and LEDs to upgrade 3rd Rail Sunset models, Lionel, MTH, Weaver, and Williams locomotives. So why work with me?

FAQ List provided with each kit purchase to help sort out problems and minimize unexpected results!  This is a Royz Trains exclusive!
Largest dealer of ERR items!
I can provide guidance on which kits are needed for your conversion.
There are several options for most applications depending on your objectives.  Email me with your questions at RoyzTrains@gmail.com
My experience with conversions on multiple manufacturers and various engines enables me to make recommendations on all supporting items: speakers, LED lighting, lighting conversions, smoke conversions, electro-couplers, capacitors (AC motors), etc.
We are a dealer for all 3rd Rail items including the ERR electronics!!  Need something else?  All 3rd Rail/GGD items will be checked out prior to shipping to minimize warranty problems.  We can also provide custom upgrades prior to initial deliver, or offer drop ship to you!
And also provide additional support items as needed (smoke units, LED headlight/backup light w/supplies, etc.).
My prices start with the ERR list price, but offer discounts on larger orders.  Details upon request!
I can perform the installation for you using ERR items & special additions plus labor.
Support for LED headlight(s) backup LED, and markers. Other LEDs too!

Warranty.  Yes we handle warranty on items purchased from us.  ERR Products are warrantied for 90 days from date of purchase. If parts are damaged by installation errors, shorted components, burnt components, the new exchange policy is $50/board + $15 S&H, during the warranty period.  If you have a Cruise Commander and R4LC board, that counts as 2 board.  These boards cannot be repaired.  We require that you mail in your damaged board before the exchange is made. After 90 days there is no exchange service.  You would need to order a new kit.  Please be careful with your installation.  It only takes a split second and the boards can be damaged.

If you purchased an item and are not sure if there is a problem, you can ship it back to us. We will check it out and replace if covered under warranty. If there are no problems, there is a $30 fee to cover the check and return shipping.

We provide an ERR FAQ list to help troubleshoot field problems.  All boards are tested by ERR prior to shipping.

Additional Support

There are inherently a number of options available to enhance your upgrade work when dealing with the ERR items.  The headlight(s) and backup light(s) can be upgraded to a focused warm white LED to provide a realistic beam of light.  A chuffing smoke unit can be connected to any of the command units for realistic operation!

Note, some steamers with an AC motor require our Cherry Switch to make smoke units chuff with the sound.  Many AC powered steamers require a tether. Yes we have them too!  Other tethers available for steam upgrades.
All items may be custom installed by Roy Trains.
New Items

We offer the latest Sunset Models Blower Smoke Unit with the ability to chuff.  The equipment can be installed as part of an overall upgrade to your engine.  Contact Us for more information.

ERR Sound Amplifier takes the output of the ERR sound board and can provide up to 2.5W output to any supporting speaker.

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