ERR Railsounds for Steam


The sound commander for steam engines directly supports chuff (except turbines) sounds as well as all typical sounds.  Recorded voice messages in two formats are selectable.  Small size allows easy placement and may be attached to back of radio board on a AC or DC Commander.  Includes Speaker and baffle.   Alternate speakers available separately.  Deigned for use with TMCC Commander but can operate in conventional mode along with 9 vdc battery (connector supplied)..


The sound commander comes with a reed switch and magnet to create the illusion of chuff syncronization.  Or, it may alternately be connected to the Cherry Switch Board for sync with engine smoke chuff where two or four chuffs per driver rotation is available.  All kits come with:

  • Detailed Installation instructions
  • Royz Trains exclusive FAQ list compiled from years of experience and feedback from customers (Hmm, why is it doing that??)
  • Post-purchase support for those unexpected challenges

Alternate/additional speakers avaialable for enhancing your sound experience.

Additional information


Small Steam, Medium Steam, Large Steam, Articulated Steam, Daylight w/Horn (Multi-Chime) Steam, Steam Turbine, Chuff Switch , Tender Isolation Kit


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