Blower Smoke Unit


Complete Blower type Smoke Unit.  Operates from track voltage.  It may also be controlled by TMCC and external chuff switch such as a cherry or reed switch.  When not in full chuff, there will be some smoke emanating from the stack.  For diesel operation, the smoke is continuous at the maximum level.  This unit Smokes MUCH better than standard Lionel unit and a little less than MTH.


Sunset Blower Smoke Unit

This is the newest blower type smoke unit to be manufactured by Sunset Models.  It has several improvements.

  • Full smoke is achieved at 8.5 VDC supporting both conventional and command control operation.
  • Supports external trigger for steam chuffing
  • Can connect to ERR cruise commaner, or cruise lite
  • Can be used to upgrade some existing blower types by purchasing the board only
  • Royz Trains can support upgrade of your engine as room permits
  • This unit has been installed in both 2 Rail and 3 Rail applications

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Blower Smoke Unit

Blower Smoke Unit, New Electronics for smoke unit


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