ERR Cruise Commander


Three Versions offered.

Note:  If prices change, this will be passed on to all existing future orders.  This is beyond our control.  Cruise Commanders Lite are listed below but there are currently no plans to build new ones.  If you order any back-ordered item, then cancel the order a $10 processing fee will be subtracted from refund!! 

  • All kits come with the exclusive Royz Trains 4 page ERR FAQ support for those unexpected “gotchas” during installation and initial power up.
  • The Cruise Commander (same foot print as AC/DC Commander) will handle up to 8 Amps motor load and is ideal for large DC can motors and dual motored engines.
  • The Cruise Commander Lite will support up to 4 Amps motor load.  Both have inputs for chuff signals from engine.
  • The Cruise Commander M has three variations depending on the type of Lionel engine being upgraded.
  • Steam Chuff is supported directly with the cruise commanders thus obviating the need for a separate switch tied to the sound board.
  • Both support electro-couplers, sound sync, head/back lighting, special featurs, and motor outputs.
  • The cruise feature can be turned off or used to keep the motor speed constant for constant speed up/down grades, etc.
  • Full Lash-up control of engines is available.


The motor load is the worst case draw that may occur at startup or under heavy loads. These commanders do not require external tach to control speed.  If you have questions regarding which is best for your application, please drop us an email!

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Cruise Commander, Cruise Commander M Generic TMCC Kit, Cruise Commander M Diesel Oddessy Kit, Cruise Commander M Steam Kit, Cruise Commander Lite


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