ERR AC Commander


Each AC Commander includes the TMCC radio board (R4LC).  These units operate in both conventional and command mode.  Outputs support control of motor(s), electro-couplers, head/backup lights, and user specified auxiliary item (e.g., cab light, smoke unit, etc.).  May support up to 8A motor load.  Tach-less operation simplifies installation (no strip on flywheel).  Royz Trains offers additional products for LED lighting, smoke synchronization, etc.

  • Included with each order are full installation instructions
  • The exclusive Royz Trains 6 page ERR FAQ list to help with any problems that may come up (Hmm, why is it doing that??)!
  • Post-purchase support when nothing else will do!


AC Commander supports all AC motors (one or two per engine).  Kit come with:

  • Specific instructions for installation
  • Royz Trains exclusive ERR FAQ list of 6 pages compiled through years of experience and feedback from customers (Hmm, why does it do that?)!
  • Post-purchase support for those unexpected challenges
  • Comes with the Radio Board (R4LC) latest version
  • Larger Non-polarized Capacitors for early AC motors (PW engines) on drop down menu.

AC Commander
The AC commander is for use with the older AC motors.  These are commonly referred to as open frame motors and typically draw more current than the newer can or DC motors.  There is no cruise ability with the AC Commander.   If ordering the AC Commander, please forward a note regarding the type of engine; this may require larger capacitors than normally provided.  Yes, we can supply the larger non-polarized capacitors.  Best approach is to let me know what engine you are upgrading (i.e., Lionel 1950s F3, dual motor) before placing the order.

DC Commander.  No longer in production. 

Additional information


AC Commander used for all AC motors in engines., DC Commander for use with all DC or can motor(s) in engines., Larger Capacitors for early AC motors


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