ERR Mini Commander


Five versions of the Mini-Commander are available!  See additional information provided with specific Option.  Setup is via Soft Set technology or Run/Pgm Switch.  Each unit is only 1″ x 2″ footprint allowing easy placement in rolling stock, dummy engine, or track-side accessory.

Mini commander has two versions for Accessory (HC version special order) or to support a dummy engine (EX).  All four outputs can be set to a voltage output for motor control.  Contact us if you have questions.  Can also be used to control rolling stock accessories!

The Mini Commander 2 has variable DC output for motor control via the TMCC speed control and sync for sound.  The Mini-Commander 2s are available with motor control and

  1. With directional lighting control,
  2. With directional couplers control
  3. With smoke unit and headlight control

All three versions support directional LEDs with on board regulation.  In addition, the MiniCommander2’s can also provide serial data output to drive an ERR Sound kit.

Applications include small engine control, Turntable control, motor driven bridge control.


All Mini-Commanders are In Stock.  Each of the ERR Mini-Commanders is a full TMCC controlled board designed for a specific purpose.  Some also drive an ERR sound kit.  If you are not sure which version you need, feel free to contact me.  These are for limited current applications which include motor, lamps, couplers, smoke, and sound.  The MiniCommander2 units are the only version that supports variable motor speed directly and directional LEDs with on board regulation.

These commanders can be used for turntable control, bridge control, general motor control in accessories, and smaller can motors in some engines.  The limit is the current requirements of the motor to be controlled!

Additional information


Mini Commander ACC, Mini Commander EX, Mini Commander 2 F&R Lamps, Mini Commander 2, Coupler Control, Mini Commander 2, Smoke & Front Light, Serial Buffer, Pair of 3mm LEDs


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