Model Railroad LED Lighting Simulation Kits


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These kits provide realistic lighting identical to that used on the real railroads.  Two general categories for direct Railroad application like EOT, MARs, Gyralight(s), and variously related areas for campfires, beacon, Cross Buck lighting, & Structure Lighting.  Browse through our offerings below.  All drive LEDs and some applications require additional resistors.

Included are the appropriate LEDs and resistors for O Scale applications!


The small boards are about 0.38″ square.  Wire, Instructions, and small LEDs are in the kit.   in addition, we can provide 2 or 3 mm LEDs and 1/8 watt resistors for each application at no additional cost.  Many of the kits may be combined with our caboose, passenger car kits, or other applications.  Most may be used as a standalone kit with a simple 12 VDC supply (2nd to last option).  You may also order your chosen supply fully wired with LED and supply ready to install (Last Option).


EOT – Example of FRED (EOT) Simulator in MTH caboose

MARs Light – Example of MARs Simulator (Either Variation)


Additional information

Simulation Options

MARS Light w/Headlight Option, Beacon Simulator, Gyralight for Red LEDs, Gyralight w/Headlight Option, Lighthouse Beacon Simulator, FRED (EOT) Simulator, Alternating Crossbuck Flasher for 2 or 4 LEDs, Arc Welder, Campfire/Fireplace Simulator, Structure Lighting Simulator, Defective Sign/Light Simulator, Simulator Booster Board, Star Trek Enterprise Nav Light Sim, DC Supply, Supply & Pre-Wired


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