Little “Bigger” Sounds


Little “Bigger” Sound Kit

Each kit includes a digital, 16-bit pre-recorded sound effect module using a high-speed audio processor & 32M-bit serial flash memory.  On-board voltage regulation to allow DC input power from 7 to 20 volts. On-board input voltage reverse polarity protection. Sound module is 1.38” x 0.60”.   Additional supply for the unit may be purchased.

When ordering this kit, make sure you select which sound file you would like.  If you are looking for other available sound kits,…  Select sound desired:

Amplifier board overview

This is a Class D (switching) audio amplifier, designed to provide a gain of up to 24dB with less than 10% total harmonic distortion & noise (THD+N).

Output power: 2.5 Watts with 4-ohm speaker, 1.5Watts with 8-ohm speaker.

Filter-less architecture allow this amplifier to drive speakers directly without the need for low-pass output filters.  Amplifier efficiency is much better that equivalent Class AB amplifiers.  On-board voltage regulation allows DC input power from 7 to 20 volts.  On-board volume control.  On-board ferrite EMI filtering

Two audio inputs: DAC input for connection to Ngineering’s Little Sound modules, and a AUD input for standard low-level audio output from devices such as small portable radios and recorders.

Small 1.50” x 0.60” size allows placement in even the tightest spots.


For applications where larger sound output is needed, this 28mm (1.10″ diameter) speaker is perfect for small to mid size scale situations. Perfect for stationary sound effects in the smaller to mid-scales and excellent performance in HO rolling stock applications. It can easily handle 1-1/2-Watts of power continuously. Like the speaker above, it is manufactured using a highly efficient rare-earth magnet which greatly enhances performance while keeping overall size to a minimum. It also has a peel-off  sticky mounting ring for easy installation, and protective metal speaker cone guard and screen.

A well regulated, isolated supply is necessary to gain quality volume output.  Select the supply below for great results.


Important notes: 

A low-wattage iron with a pointed tip should be used for all connection of wires. Too much heat or solder can damage the wires or module and void the warranty.   We strongly recommend that all wires and the appropriate solder pads on the module be pre-tinned prior to attaching wires to the module.

Additional information

Little Sounds

8 Ohm Speaker w/Enclosure, Crossing Signal w/Bell, Deliverance, Rock/Coal Dump, Fire Engine w/Siren & Horn, Waterfall, Manufacturing, Power Supply, Little Bigger Sounds Generic


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