This kit supports variable speed and direction of DC motors up to 12 VDC. Originally developed to support turntable operation it has other applications such as bridge motor control, etc.

The turntable speed and direction controller was initially designed for the Millhouse Studios Turntables. It is available as hand-held unit.   It requires an input voltage of 12-22 VAC for normal operation.  This controller will work with any motor driven accessory requiring a voltage range of 1.5 VDC to 12 VDC.  The smaller voltage is the stall voltage for the motor drive and provides a very slow bridge movement allowing you to manually stop the bridge as the tracks line up.  Other Voltage Ranges are available upon request. This capability is much more affordable than a fully indexed controller and easily allows for visual alignment of the tracks.  To date this item has been used on several Millhouse Turntables, a Bowser turntable, bridge controllers and other motor driven applications.