Z-2500 Switch Machine Control & Accessory Driver


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Accessory Controller

With different trigger inputs this unit may also control motorized accessories, bulb driven signals, or LED driven signals/lighting.  Trigger inputs can come from photo electric devices, isolated track, AC or DC signals.  Details of connections are provided in the instruction manual.

Z-2500 Switch Machine Control, Accessory Control and Signal Driver

The basic PCB control board has many inherent applications.  These have been used with both the Z-2500 & Z-1000 switch machines, external controls inputs and to drive various signals.

Z-2500 Control

This PCB controller mounts below the control panel or train table to support many applications including operating signal lights, automated accessories, and LED indicators and will interface directly with the Z-Stuff 2500 switch machine. Further with the addition of a switch and two LEDs can provide panel indicator/control for Z-2500. External trigger can operate relay & Tomar dwarf signals based on AC/DC signal. Extensive capabilities and examples provided in the instruction manual.

The more extensive kit supports up to three sets of LED indicators with the on board supply.  Buy the complete kit with controller, two Dwarf signals and control panel items.

Switch Point Power Protection

Using a variation of the accessory controller the switch points of single or double switch may be selectively powered when actuated by the DZ-2500 position along with two dwarf signals.  Supports longer #6 & #8 switches, double slip switches, and double crossover switches.  This version has a 0.5A supply to drive the additional relays.  The double crossover kit is special order and supports either through or crossover control and switch point power along with Tomar Dwarf signals.  Contact us with your configuration needs/applications for specific project costs.


The control trigger may be provided by a Z-2500 switch machine, Z-1000 switch machine, a digital 1 or 0 (TTL 5 volt hi/lo), positive/negative DC, presence of AC signal, and/or grounded signal.  The change in trigger level controls the position of the DPDT relay and also direct outputs for a Tomar Dwarf signal.   The relay supports up to 2 Amps of AC or DC.  One set of terminals is designed to directly drive the Red/Green signals of the Tomar Dwarf Signal (yes, we sell those too!).  Accessory voltage is used to drive the controller and may be the same as the Z2500 or other accessory/signal being controlled.  The relay outputs may be used to drive 2 additional sets of LEDs with the on board supply, or an external supply for larger loads such as bulbs or accessories.  One application is to use this controller to enable/disable track power using the 1o Amp relays.  This is a very versatile controller with potential uses well beyond those discussed here.  If you have a problem contact us and we will do out best to help.  Most recent discussion was to augment a DZ-2500 to support improved control reliability and energizing rail sections to minimize power loss to engines going through some switches.

Will also support energizing floating rails on Double Slip Switches, Double Crossovers, long scale switches, etc.  These may be found on the drop down menu.  Feel free to contact us for special applications.

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Includes Tomar Dwarf signal drivers and DPDT relay, Simpler version includes only SPDT relay, Controller with 2 Tomar Dwarf Signals, Panel LEDs and Momentary Switch (Z-2500 Control), Controller with high power Relay, Doubleslip Application with two controllers and track relays


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