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Panel Mounted Atlas Switch Machine Control

We offer a panel mounted remote control for the Atlas Switch Machine.  These are used in several scales in model railroad applications.  The kit includes a PC board mounted below the panel;  the LED indicators for switch position along with panel mounted switch.  Two wires needed to connect to each switch machine.  This control operates in parallel with the actual Atlas switch machine.   This control resolves the hot switch machine experienced with other products!  It will work with one or multiple switch machines.  The limit is determined by the transformer supply and the wire size feeding the switch machine.

The kit will also operate the NJ switch machine or may be operated with a capacitive discharge supply.  When using a DC supply with provided electronics you can operate a DC switch machine as well.

Kit Components

Each kit includes the PC board, control panel switch, and red/green LEDs with current limiting resistors pre-mounted.  Instructions included of course!  The PC control board has screw terminals for ease in connection and double sided foam backing for easy mounting.

The second option has the same control board but with a higher powered supply for those that wish to use their own panel lighting and switch.

Special Ordering

If you are looking at large quantities or special orders, please Contact Us.  We can provide customized pricing!


The Atlas Switch Machine Control kit includes full instructions detailing description and diagrams for several installations.  Below panel mounting is easy and quick with just three holes needed in the control panel.  The supply for the control is the same as the Atlas switch machine and keeps the number of wires to the actual switch(s) to the minimum.

Additional information

Atlas Remote Control

Full Kit, Generic Control

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  1. JilellPex

    The Atlas Switch Controller works great! Thanks for the product as it solved my long-term problem of operating the Atlas switich machines.

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