RR Crossing Signals


These O Scale crossing signals are sold as a pair with 4 heads each or with the crossing gates.  All are fully operational and the most scale like we know. These work with our control products or may be used as standalone.  We offer an Infrared detection pair to allow for actuation from either direction to the crossing and up to 5 tracks (24″ separation between sensors).  The LEDs in the cross bucks are dual sided. You can see more at Crossing Signal Detection and Driver Board.

Note it is easy to burn out the LEDs if you use beyond the voltage recommended, or other than the prescribed controllers.

The controller board will also drive our Crossing Signal Sounds board without an additional supply.


We can substitute the Custom Signals Crossbucks for a price reduction of $10.  The Tomar crossbucks are on backorder with no delivery date specified!  Electronics may be ordered separately.

All our signals are O Scale in size!  These operate with a common anode supply.  Two options for powering the lights:  The Ngineering flasher, or our more sophisticated Crossbuck controller.  The simple flasher will also require a 12 VDC supply and triggering methods but will not drive the gated version.  The Crossbuck Controller includes the flasher unit installed on a board along with supplies to operate the signals, and gates, and also provides two methods for activation.

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RR Crossing Signal – O-862, RR Crossing Signal With Gate – O-863, Crossing Signal Driver Board, Two IR Sensor Pairs, O-862 Crossing Signals with full IR controls, O-863 Crossing Signals & Gates with full IR Controls


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