Fixed Voltage Power Supplies


Fixed supplies available in 3.3, 5, 6, & 12 VDC.  Our small 100mw supplies are ideal for adding fixed brightness LEDs during an engine electronic upgrade as they support adding load resistors.  The 5, 6, & 12 Volt supplies are analog supplies.  Review the supporting description for more infomration.  If you need another specific voltage, it can be made to order.  Just go to Contact Us and fill out the information.  All our supplies use accessory power or any AC/DC source of 25V or less (but must be 1 volt more than supply output).  The only exception is the 12 Volt, 3 A output which operates from a wall plug.


Not sure which supply to use?

  • The LED 3.3 VDC supply can provide 500ma or drive up to 25 20ma LEDs.  Note that not all LEDs have a maximum voltage of 3.3 Volts
  • Analog 100mw load supplies available in 5, 6, or 12 VDC output
  • Analog 1 W load supplies available in 5, 6, or 12 VDC output
  • Special Order – 12 VDC, 3 A

The analog supply wattage is derived by subtracting the output voltage from the input and dividing the total current drawn.  A heat sink is available for the 1W supplies if you will be getting close to the maximum load wattage.

Additional information


3.3 VDC LED Supply 500ma, 5 Volt DC Output, 6 Volt DC Output, 12 Volt DC Output, 5 Volt, 1W, 6 Volt, 1W, 12 Volt, 1W, 12 Volt, 3A (36 Watt), TO-220 Heat Sink


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