Caboose LED Lighting & Other Cars
This kit utilizes our Strip Lighting Supply and adds the appropriate number of segments (usually 3).  With the addition of a resistor you can also drive markers, etc.  The supply will also directly drive the EOT kit.

The strip lighting board is now out of stock. It is used in many of the products in this area! If there is sufficient demand I will get another quantity ordered. Drop me an email at with your needs.

Features include:

User adjustable brightness from dim through max with a small screwdriver
Minimal current draw, much lower than incandescent bulbs (7 ma – 20 ma)
Interior lighting only
Above plus driver for marker LEDs (MTH style) – specify MTH when ordering
Above plus driver for other marker LEDs and bulbs – specify voltage needed and manufacturer when ordering (e.g., 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 VDC); For example,  Weaver uses 6 V   
Interior lighting only

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