Caboose LED Lighting & Other Cars

This LED Lighting Board is designed for all O Gauge Cabooses (with/without interiors), other short cars, and post-war passenger cars.  In essence any application with at least 5″ interior space.  May not fit in some bobber cabooses (with have another option for those).  This LED board will also fit in American Flyer passenger cars when operating on AC or DC.

Features include:

  • Three warm white LEDs, high brightness, wide angle
  • User adjustable brightness from dim through max with a small screwdriver
  • Minimal current draw, much lower than incandescent bulbs (7 ma – 20 ma)
  • Board is mounted with double sided tape to floor or ceiling (supplied) 
  • Flicker Free Lighting
  • Multiple Configurations for Cabooses:
  • Interior lighting only
  • Above plus driver for marker LEDs (MTH style) – specify MTH when ordering
  • Above plus driver for other marker LEDs and bulbs – specify voltage needed and manufacturer when ordering (e.g., 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 VDC); For example,  Weaver uses 6 V 
  • Same board used for each configuration  
  • Caboose Interior Lighting plus Rear Only Red LED lighting (see below)
  • Caboose Interior Lighting plus Pair of 3-lens Side Markers (see below)
  • Caboose Interior Lighting plus EOT Simulation module with red LED (see below)
  • Combine Configurations:
  • Interior lighting only
  • Above plus driver for vestibule LEDs and/or baggage area LED
  • RPO is same as combine with baggage LED (may add Vestibule LED)
  • Passenger Car lighting options:
  • Illuminate passenger portion of combine cars or other shortened passenger area
  • Short passenger cars (AF, REA, Post-War items, RailKing, Lionel Standard)
  • Lighting for Windowed area of REA cars
  • Baggage Car Interior with warm white or prototypical yellow LEDs (specify during ordering) 

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