Tomar Signals & Controls

The Tomar Signals are found here in our site.  We also provide various controllers and LED drivers for all these products!  Our controllers have been used extensively with the Scale Dwarf Signals.  The Marker Lights may be driven from track voltage, our LED kits, or independent LED supply.  The latter two provide constant brightness.  Not sure what you need?  Go to Contact US and give us more information and we can provide options for ideas.   Or email to


All these products are used on our layout and have multiple custom applications for our existing customers.  The scale size of these products fit well with O Gauge and O Scale applications.  The Dwarf signals may be used in conjunction with our various switch controllers.  Currently looking at small infrared sensors that will fit in a scale post to actuate the crossbucks and other items.

Custom Implementations

We like challenges!  If you want custom work, contact us with your ideas.  We may have already done what you are thinking about!