Switch, Accessory & Turntable Controllers/Relays

The lead in yard photo (previous page) is from a customer’s layout where he used several of these products to reliably control the switch machines, relays, and signals.  The dwarf signals, overhead LEDs, and supporting power supplies are also available here.  There are many potential applications beyond those summarized in this section.  In short, if you need to find a way to control track, signals, or switches; we can likely support your implementation.

Switch Controls

The Popular line of switch machines include Atlas, Z-Stuff and Tortoise.  Customers have requested special support for remote operation, LED indicators, relay control/implementation, signal activation/operation, etc.  We like challenges and have additional capabilities not detailed here! If you need something not listed, just drop me an email and we may already have it!

Turntable controls were developed initially to support the Millhouse Turnmtable but also support other DC motors up to 12 Volts!

Relays can control up to 15 Amps (AC or DC) with a low level signal.

All the items have screw terminals for easy installation.  Except the z-2500 panel control has three wires for easy attachment.  Every item has multi-page instructions for application and installation.  Wiring diagrams and finished example photos make application easy.  Contact us if you have any installation/application questions!