O Gauge LED Passenger Car Lighting

This page includes information on the basic LED passenger board, tail-end lighting, and vestibule lighting. For more specialized applications, see the special applications section. The LED Passenger Car Lighting Board is fully equipped and ready for installation in your car.  This page features specific applications for common applications.

Features of passenger kit include:

  • 6 Warm white LEDs, wide angle, high brightness
  • Plug & Play for MTH , Premier passenger cars w/ MTH connector (non tail-end cars)
  • Non-MTH passenger cars come with two 6″ wires for connection to the car
  • Attaches to underside of roof with double sided foam tape (supplied)
  • Add vestibule lighting for increased realism 
  • Fits any passenger car with an interior length of at least 14″
  • For shorter cars the short board lighting is only 5″ long, ideal for caboose, combines or smaller cars
  • It is possible to shorten the 14″ board by up to 1″, but requires special instructions or order  
  • Can be easily expanded to support 80′ cars (20″) as detailed in instructions and shown below
  • 84′ scale cars supported with special order – Contact Us for details
  • Continuously adjustable LED brightness from off to full using a small screwdriver
  • Typically uses 15-30ma at common brightness settings per car (Ten LED equipped passenger cars require less than 1/2 amp), examples of brightness and the current draw are shown below 
  • Full brightness is reached with less than 10 VAC to the track
  • Flicker free LED Lighting during short dropouts due to track gaps or switches 
  • Works with both DCS & TMCC (I have both on my 600 sq ft layout!)
  • If ordering for use in a tail-end car, make sure to get the add-on platform board or the existing lights may not work!! 
  • Works with business car drumhead/marker light board (see below) or get both together and save (required to work with original marker bulbs, etc.)
  • Options available for Bi-level, Vista Domes, and RailKing passenger cars – Check out Special Passenger Applications for some examples or email me with your needs for more information
  • If you have aluminum extruded cars or silver metallic paint, the board should be fully insulated from the car!