Electric RR Company Electronic Components & Support Items

I offer the full line of ERR products as well as supporting electronics and LEDs to upgrade 3rd Rail Sunset models, Lionel, MTH, Weaver, and Williams locomotives. So why work with me?

  • My prices start with the ERR list price, but offer discounts on package deals (e.g., command & sound ++)
  • I can provide guidance on which kits are needed for your conversion
  • And also provide additional support items as needed (smoke units, LED headlight/backup light w/suplies, etc.)
  • My experience with conversions on multiple manufacturers and various engines enables me to make recommendations on all supporting items: speakers, LED lighting, lighting conversions, smoke conversions, electro-couplers, etc
  • There are several options for most applications depending on your objectives
  • I can perform the installation for you with a 10% discount on the ERR products used plus labor
  • Support for LED headlight and backup LED. Other LEDs too!
  • FAQ List provided with each kit purchase to help sort out problems and minimize unexpected results

Additional Support

There is inherently a number of options available to enhance your upgrade work when dealing with the ERR items.  The headlight(s) and backup light(s) can be upgraded to a focused warm white LED to provide a realistic beam of light.  A chuffing smoke unit may be connected to any of the command units; some may require our Cherry Switch to make things work successfully.

The information below adds Royz Trains items to the typical ERR products!  All items may be custom installed by Roy Trains.

New Item

We offer upgrades for blower type smoke units.  These may be as simple as changing the amount of smoke available.  Or as extensive as adding a chuffing blower type smoke unit.  Contact Us for more information.