3rd Rail & Golden Gate Depot Dealer

Sunset Models dealer.  Royz Trains is a dealer for the 3rd Rail line & GGD products. We also provide warranty work, repair and upgrades on all 2 and 3 rail products.  Contact us with your interests or ordering preferences.  In stock are the Little People cards with 36 sitting figures each.  I accept reserves for new items!

Why order from me?

  • I will pre-check any items bought and perform warranty work if necessary prior to initial delivery.
  • I can deliver at York show.
  • If you want any special upgrades, these can be performed prior to delivery.  These include specialty lighting in engines and GGD cars.
  • Funds due when reserved items become available!

The ERR by 3rd Rail TMCC upgrade items are in stock (except the cruise commander lite).

Have something you need to order?  Use the Contact Us button.

We also offer full repairs & upgrades on all Sunset Models engines and GGD cars.   Our primary focus is brass engines and can usually provide full repair if your engine runs off the “cliff”…

GGD cars upgraded with custom lighting with fixed, adjustable brightness, markers, and/or specialty lighting effects.  Want to have a compartment car have the lights appear to turn on/off randomly;  we can do that!


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